Please add PLU / Pluton support

I’d like to ask for support for PLU.

Currently it is not listed in Brave Wallet if I search “PLU” or “Pluton” and their tutorial is for MetaMask.

I’m assuming it’s not supported by Brave wallet (but I’m a noob on anything crypto so…).

PLU is a token on the Ethereum network, so we definitely support it. You simply need to add it to Brave Wallet. Here’s how you do it on the CoinMarketCap page.

In the meantime I installed Metamask in a portable Chrome.

Anyway, did as you suggested in Brave, added the token,

but when i go to “deposit crypto” and search “PLU” I don’t get it on the result list

Tried it yesterday.

Just now before replying I closed Brave an reopened it.
Unlocked Brave’s built in wallet.
Went to CMC and clicked the metamask link.
Opened the wallet “deposit” page.
Searched “plu” - not there.
Refreshed page (F5) and searched again - not there.

My Win64 Brave is up to date.
The only extension I have is “Session Buddy”

Thank you.
You were quicker to find the issue than I was replying to your previous post

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