Please add PERMANENT button in browser "Forcibly request a reward for the last month" because my rewards disappeared

November 6: 2 computers and a smartphone showed that there will be a reward soon on November 8 …
But !!! already on November 7 (somewhere around 16-00 GMT time), a message about the reward arrives on 1 computer and the reward is received.
On November 8, a message arrives on a smartphone and the reward is received.
And on the 2nd computer everything was reset to zero and there is still no message about the reward. The same story happened in October and so did not receive an award for September and it has not been added anywhere by October.
Is it possible to make a PERMANENT button that appears during payments, for example, from the 8th to the xxth day, “Forcibly request a reward for the last month”. I suspect the reward server is overloaded and when the browser receives something like “limit exceeded” when requesting a reward, the browser perceives this message as receiving a reward. Therefore, make the "Force or repeat Reward request" button.

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It takes up to a week for rewards to be fully paid out and for a while it will look like they are gone. If you look at the top of the forum page it says payments are still processing so be patient and your rewards will most likely arrive in a few days.

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So there is no button about the reward. Or do you want to say that the rewards will come WITHOUT a button. There was a reward button on 1 computer and smartphone and I have already received the reward. But on the 2nd computer there is no BUTTON and the awards are reset to zero. It was already last month and I didn’t get a reward on 1 computer because there was no reward button.

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