Please add DEVONthink extension


Please add DEVONthink to the Extensions Galery (and like this post if you agree :smiley: !) for it enables you to clip selected web content to your DEVONtink database directly. I use it professionally on an almost daily basis in all my other browsers (Safari, Firefox and DEVONagent Pro): it is a very, very useful extension. See also: Via the extension request filter I’ve discovered that Brave moderator Sriram (@sriram) also has posted (a similar?) DEVON-request, but that page does not exist any more or is private. Therefore this request. :slight_smile:


That’s because it’s actually 2 links for 2 threads. Devonthink extension and this one Http:// :slight_smile:

The request is logged here

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Duplicate of Http://