Please Acknowledge Sync Status

There are two places I’m referring to, though there are probably other places that need a disclaimer.

On the ios app for brave that I have (V-1.14.3; the latest available), there remains a sync option under Settings>Other_Settings. There is nothing there to inform the user that this feature is unavailable (place 1 of 2). Instead, if the desktop option is chosen, it directs the user to “…navigate to Sync in the Settings panel and tap the…” which the user will discover is missing. The user may then also discover that something else is missing, given they don’t become too frustrated and give up. Here, I am referring to the lack of any information referencing that Sync is disabled, or even a hint that the dev team knows that a Sync problem exists. Like myself, a user could spend 10-30+ minutes searching brave’s settings for anything related to sync. Only when they search through the brave help center and visit the page for “how to set up sync” will they finally receive any indication that brave has disabled the feature, by means of a tiny three-sentence notice found before the tutorial. I have found this fruitless endeavor to be quite frustrating, and I would like for this issue to be better communicated to users at the front end.

-A resilient Brave-user