Playout of youtube while phone has locked screen


I would be great to have feature to listen to youtube while screen is locked. I usually turn screen off to prevent battery consumption while i keep on listening to youtube with my headphones.
To make it possible you need to reconnect to youtube audio stream when user locks phone.

I usually use adblocker it has paid feature that allows to listen to youtube and listen to music/talkshows etc when you don’t really need video of the talking head.

I would gladly start using brave more often if it had such a feature.


Hi @moratar,

Is it on Android or iOS? AFAIK, Brave on Android have something like play in the background setting.


Brave does have this feature on Android. In fact, it’s one of the big selling points of Brave on Android :). You can enable it in your settings, as @Eljuno mentioned.


Wow it works, thanx tho seems like it is pulling whole streem audio + video so uses more bandwith. Adblocker plus uses just audio. It is great i will just stick to brave for good. Great product!!! Keep up the good job. Thanx :slight_smile:

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