Playlist files disappeared after Brave Update 1.36

Description of the issue:
Over half of the files I had saved in my playlist are missing or not appearing after the folder update. It appears the folders can only hold a maximum of 20 files and anything beyond that is either removed or inaccessible. Is there a way to restore these files that were saved earlier?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launching Brave
  2. Going to Playlist
  3. Scrolling through saved files

Expected result:

Half of the saved videos are gone after the new folder feature. I’d like to restore the files that are now gone.

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.36

Mobile Device details
iPhone 8
IOS 15.3.1
Additional Information:

Are the playlist folders maxed to 20 files? It seems a number over 20 are either not showing up or are removed?

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Hi, can you give us more info of what kind of videos are missing?

Is it just random youtube videos,
or maybe livestreams, audio files, or files from other websites?

We try to narrow down whether it is a problem with a certain type of media, or is it completely random.
We tested migration on 20+ items and it seems to work for us

Also, is it precisely 20 items or roughly 20?

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Hi Michal, thank you for your response. These files were all from YouTube and were video files, each being at least an hour long and some had moving video, and others were just audio with a still image for the picture.

I had about 35-45 files and when I loaded the playlist after the update, the most recent 20 I had saved were the ones remaining. It seemed to have wiped the older files I saved after the newest 20.

I did just save a file to the folder with just 20 and it did go up to 21, so the folders aren’t limiting new files.

It seems a cutoff was made at 20 files from the update? They’re either gone or not visible somehow.

Yes, there were precisely 20 files. It didn’t seem to differentiate the file sizes either, as some files were 6 MB while another was 300+ MB. It just kept the newest 20 files saved, or whatever was sorted towards the top of the list.

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We found the issue. When migrating the data we migrated 20 media items only by mistake.
Good news is that the remaining media items are still on your device, just not present in the folder.
We will try to prepare a new build soon which should bring your media items back

Sorry for that


Thank you for the support and reassurance! I will patiently await for the next update.

I am happy that the Brave browser continues to improve with each update and wish the team the best!


I had the same issue with all but 20 of my playlist videos deleting. Another thing I noticed with the new update, is that the “edit” bar is in the way when I want to watch a video on my playlist in full screen. Could you please fix this? Thanks.

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hi Michal i share the same problem. had a playlist with a lot of content and now i’m left with only 20 of them. could u please tell me when this will be fixed. I love using brave but I really need help with this. please

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This will be fixed and your all videos will be reverted in build 1.37.
Sorry for that, we hope to release next version in early April

i am having an issue and i need assistance

YES!! Playlist files returned after update 1.37 ! Thank you!!

Sorry for having to wait so long.

The 1.37 update is ready and fixed this problem.
You may need to go to the App Store to update manually since it’s a staged rollout

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