Playlist downloads of Rumble videos not working properly any longer

I have done more testing to see what workaround works best for me. This only applies to videos longer than 2 minutes; videos shorter than 2 minutes do not seem to have the issue described in this thread.

The following is by far the best workaround for me after dozens of attempts and replaces my previous workaround posted here recently:

  1. Add video using the button in the address bar and tap off the pop-up window for opening/removing from Playlist.

  2. Tap on Playlist check button in address bar and remove the video from Playlist.

  3. Long-press video and add to Playlist.

This method works for me well over 9 times out of 10 and the one failure I had was resolved by doing this process a second time. No force-quitting of Brave has been necessary in this process.

It seems that Rumble webpages link to two different videos for videos longer than 2 minutes: one for a thumbnail and one for the selected resolution. A “thumbnail” video of over 4 hours in length had a download size of just 21.7 MB. It is clear in my experience that long-pressing is far better at linking to the desired video than the button in the address bar. (I did not use the options list method.)

One other point: Since I have limited storage on my iPhone, I turned off the setting to save for offline. Any saving for offline is done manually.

I hope this helps.

@prosserontortes I have had success with this technique pretty consistently on the videos that wouldn’t download when tapping the download button in the url bar. For me, the difference is 100%. It seems to work all the time when I use the long-press method to add the video. This is after changing to resolution of the video to the highest that is available.

Thanks for this workaround.

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