Playlist downloads of Rumble videos not working properly any longer

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Description of the issue:
When downloading Rumble videos for offline playback, the video that is downloaded doesn’t play properly. It is low resolution, extremely stuttery/jerky and there is no audio. This is a new problem with the update prior to the most recent one. I’ve had no success playing Rumble videos offline any longer. Youtube videos download and play offline properly still.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to a Rumble video page
  2. Tap the playlist button to download the video for offline playback
  3. Go into playlist and play the video

Expected result:
If working properly, the video will play smoothly, with proper resolution and audio playing properly as well.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.5.1 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone SE 3rd gen, iOS 15.7.2, not jailbroken

Additional Information:

@jordanklein I just tested on my iPhone and don’t have any issues. That said, my iOS was at 16.4.1 (a) and is currently updating as I see they just released 16.5. Your phone is compatible with iOS 16 as well. Is there any reason in particular you’re not updating?

I have experienced the same problem with Rumble videos as well. I have an iPhone 14 with operating system 16.4.1(a) also. It was happening with the prior software version as well. When you long-press the video played or select the add to playlist icon initially, it will add the video to the playlist. When you then go to the playlist & play the video, the described situation occurs. I found that if I then delete it from the playlist & add it to again, it then works properly.

@GBBrawler as you mentioned I just tested again. I know I had tested a couple times when @jordanklein and it didn’t replicate. So I tried a few more times tonight. In one of the attempts, it essentially did it. But let me ask if you have the same issue. On that video, it first gave me an error message saying that it was expired when I entered playlist. From that point, it had an issue. Curious if that is similar for y’all or something different?

Also have to ask, can either of you replicate it often or is it random? I’ll have to look later to see if there’s a Github for it. Probably should create an issue there.

But in the meanwhile, I’ll tag @Mattches and @michal in on this. Issue on video starts at around 1:03.

It’s possible that it’s related. The podcasts that I was watching via Dan Bongino & Tore Says accounts on are initially posted as live streams, & I have received error messages before indicating that the videos were same & have expired. I posted bug issue involving playlist in the past couple of weeks where I cannot delete or play a video via playlist because the supposed video is no longer at initial link when saved to the playlist. It just so happens that the video was a video that was a initially a live-stream video that had expired & was no longer at the original link.

@Saoiray I haven’t upgraded iOS to 16.x yet because I’ve read a LOT of bad reports about it MacRumors forums as well as Arstechnica ones. For now, I’m holding onto iOS and iPadOS 15.

This is a new problem for me in that I never had this experience until the previous version of Brave as well as the current version. I’ve been running iOS 15.7.2 for a while now, including with the previous versions of Brave.

I’ve tried to delete and download the videos again and that does seem to work. Not sure if it’s 100% but I’m going to try doing that for now and see if I can keep watching Rumble videos in the playlist. BTW, I love this feature.

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@Saoiray I also saw the “expired” issue but I think that this one is separate from the bad quality video issue the other users are encountering. Will you open an issue for this on Github for us (if you can’t then I will later, nbd)?

As for OPs issue, I can’t seem to reproduce on 16.4.1 — it’s unlikely but I’m wondering if it’s iPhone specific (as I’m testing on an iPad at this time). I’ll see if I can get some team members to test the behavior on their iPhone. @jordanklein @GBBrawler can you confirm for me that this happens on all videos you attempt to save for offline playback?


Yeah, I wanted to find out from them if they saw it yet. Hard to know if related or two separate issues that happened to coincide at the same time. As you saw, shortly after that the video I had did present with the same issue they were sharing. I did have to try many times to get one video to act up. But at least caught it on video when it did, so it’s easy to see what’s happening.

I did it on my 16.4.1 (a). Just updated to 16.5 yesterday. I may try messing with it again later to see if can be reproduced again with it.

@Mattches And yeah, I created a Github. It’s

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@jordanklein @GBBrawler when you guys go to save the video for offline play, did you set the video to the desired quality beforehand? Playlist will save the video at the exact quality it is set to as it’s saved, so if you did not set the quality prior to saving it, this may explain why the content is saving the way it is.

I can confirm that setting the video to the desired quality does not fix the issue. I just saved a 44+ minute video and its total offline storage size is 4.0 MB. I am set for 1.0 Mbps. This is shown to be an issue on iOS 16.4.1 and 16.5 (iPhone 11, 64 GB).

I have noticed that videos of less than 2 minutes do not seem to have this issue. Also of note, I saved several Rumble videos to the playlist (without saving for offline) on 1/24/23 and before and they all play fine within Playlist.

I hope this info helps.

@Mattches this issue happens every time I try to download a video from Rumble. It doesn’t happen with YouTube videos. I have another issue with YouTube videos but will open a separate conversation about it.

I did find that if I delete and redownload the video again, it will sometimes play properly. It may take 2 or 3 attempts for it to work properly.


@Mattches I always try setting the video quality to the highest that is supported before downloading for offline play. I learned that lesson when I first started using the feature.

@prosserontortes @jordanklein,
It looks like this might actually be a Rumble issue.

For Rumble videos, can you please try long-pressing on on a video and then selecting Add to Brave Playlist when prompted and tell me if that adding the video that way adds it with the correct resolution/quality?

Thanks for the help. Long-pressing and adding to Playlist did not solve the issue. :slightly_frowning_face:

I am still seeing very-low quality videos (with no audio).

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I have found a workaround that seems resolve the issue for me. I play a few seconds of the video and then long-press. This has been successful for me on the first or second attempt more than dozen consecutive times. Perhaps this workaround will help someone else when trying to save Rumble videos to Playlist.

To fully clarify, I only use long-press. I do not tap the button in the URL bar or in the options drawer.

I’ll give that a try. Lately, the only way I’ve been able to get this to work with Rumble videos is to force quit Brave and start it again. Then, it would successfully download the video I was trying to watch.

@Mattches guess wanted to put this back on your radar. I know you had me create a Github, which I did at . Been no movement on it. Guessing other things of higher priority been the focus, but not sure if it’s something that requires staff action in order to be looked at.

Please note Brandon’s reply in that issue:

@prosserontortes I have added your most recent reply to the Github issue for our iOS developers to review — might shed some light on how the issue can be fixed.

Thank you


I feel a bit dumb. When I saw that earlier (skimmed through), thought it was another user saying how they found a workaround. Somehow it didn’t register in my mind that it was one of the developers advising of the circumstance.

At least now have slowed down and understand they are saying it’s an issue with how Rumble has things coded and they can’t figure a way yet for Playlist to know which video is high quality one. So for now, that’s the barrier and what might be contributing.