Pinning tabs requires restart and causes other pinned tabs to rearrange


I’m on a Mac running High Sierra 10.13.4. This has been an issue since I first downloaded Brave, back in May. When I pin a tab, I have to reopen or open a second Brave window to have the pinned tab show as pinned. In the process, all my other pinned tabs reorder themselves (there is no rhyme or reason to the ordering, as far as I can tell…they don’t try to alphabetize or or sort by date or anything that would at least make sense, but every tab just moves to a different random slot). Trying to reorganize the pinned tabs is slow work as Brave refreshes with some (thankfully, not all) of the pinned tab moves.

That’s bad enough, but up until this last Brave update, at least unpinning was easy and straight forward. Now, unpinning a tab causes the same issues as pinning with a rearrangement of the rest of the pinned tabs.


Hi @Teeg,

There are several similar issues currently logged:

While I can’t tell you exactly when this error will be resolved, I’d recommned taking a look at whats coming up in our Chromium build of brave, as it will address several functinoality problems many users currently face.

Hope this helps, and thank you for supporting Brave :slight_smile:


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