Pinned tabs should stay in the window they were pinned in


Right now if you pin a tab it shows up in all windows.
Which means that if you open a new window (command+n) you then need to press (command+w) twice to close the window.
first time closes the new tab.
second time closes the window.

chrome only shows the pinned tabs in the window that they were pinned in which avoids this entire problem.

Mordy T

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This is the expected behavior. Pinned tabs are shown on all windows that are opened. If you want to close the browser window you can use Command+Q to quit.

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Since this is a feature request, not a bug, we should do 2 things:

  1. Make sure we capture the whole idea and migrate to github issues as needed.

  2. Close only when discussion is over. :slight_smile:

@tikotzky our pinned tab behavior is certainly different from other browsers. The question is whether we should change it or give a preference to allow for different behaviors.

Could you help us put a frame around this? What do you primarily use pinned tabs for?


Thanks for reopening…

What I use pinned tabs for is to keep my persistent apps open. For example I’ll pin gmail, google calendar, slack and any other apps that I always have open.
This way whenever I open my browser I’ll aways have those apps pinned.
The current brave behavior causes all those apps to be opened in each window.
The downside is that

  1. if you want to close that window you need to also close all pinned tabs, which makes it very “expensive” to open a new window just to check something out.
  2. It does a new load of all the apps which uses bandwidth at the same time that your trying to navigate to a page in a new tab.

Thanks for the great browser!!


Totally agree with @tikotzky. I think pinned tabs shouldn’t be reloaded when you open a new window - it takes time and bandwidth to load them all again in the new window.

Cannot unpin tabs

Me too - this drives me crazy, anyone on two monitors, or wanting to use two sides of a single screen. This makes me use chrome more, but I want to stay with Brave - please help me.


Adding my +1 to this –

As like @tikotzky, I use tabs primarily for keeping resources that need to always be available (e.g. mail, music, communication) open and out of the way of “active work”. Any time I open a new window, all presently-pinned tabs duplicate to the new window as well.

Personally, I use different windows to keep different work contexts categorically separated, and do not need each of these items on each of my windows. In my usage, I typically have one such “root window” that has all of my mission-critical pinned tabs on it.

Chrome’s current behavior is to respect the relationship between the origin window of a given pinned tab and that tab:

  • If a new window is opened, it doesn’t carry the pinned tabs with it.
  • If a window with pinned tabs is closed, subsequent new-window-opens also do not duplicate those pinned tabs – it instead takes a re-launch of chrome to regain this window with the pinned tabs.

It would be nice to see something similar as a configurable property of Brave’s tab-handling.


Most people coming to Brave will want the best parts of Chrome but without the tracking.
Don’t make them (or me) think too much!
Where it is possible do it like Chrome does (without compromising privacy) then please do it that way !

Richard Sullivan


+1 here too.

I posted this on the issue tracker as well:
Yes, please. This is the only thing about the Brave browser I don’t like.
For my use case, I basically keep email and rss feeds in pinned tabs and I don’t want or need them to follow me and take up more resources when I open a new window. The new window is almost always for some separate task. For example, I might want to open a video in a new tab and put it on my second screen while I continue to use the main browser for other things.


This is a reason I’m not transitioning to Brave FYI, so just wanted to add a +1 to this feature, I saw it’s not actioned in the Github thread…

I keep my email, rss feed & news site in a pinned tab so they don’t take up space and can’t be closed accidentally but I don’t want them in every new window.


Definitely agree that pinned tabs should not appear in every window.


This is a +1 for me. I pin many tabs and I don’t need duplicate tabs nor do I need to spend time closing them.

Love Brave. Let’s make it better!



Similar usage to @tikotzky. Pinned tabs used for frequently used sites and apps. When I open a new window it’s for use on a second monitor. Would prefer not to have my pinned tabs on that window, or have the option to turn off.

Only been using Brave a couple of weeks but very impressed. Thanks!


tracked here:


This feature is the main reason I still use Chrome at all.

I keep 4 pinned tabs, Trello, Google Calendar,, and They are resource intensive, so they significantly slow the startup time, and add clutter when using more than one window, and especially on multiple browsers.



@maurelian yup.
2 main reasons I cannot switch to brave yet are

  1. This issue with pinned tabs
  2. When closing a tab whose parent is a pinned tab it does not return focus to the pinned tab.

I have the second issue all the time with links I open from gmail. I have gmail as a pinned tab, and if you open a link and then close the tab it does not return focus to gmail :frowning:


:+1: to this. My pinned tabs tend to be resource-heavy, and also send me lots of notifications, so I’d only ever want one instance of them open/pinned.


I dissagree with the classification of this ISSUE. This is not a feature request, If I grab a tab from one instance of the browser and drag that tab to my secondary monitor it SHOULD NOT open ALL OF MY PINNED TABS A SECOND TIME along side the tab I just dragged out.

This is not a feature. This is an issue…