Pinned tabs reverse order when the browser is closed and reopened


For example:
I have four tabs pinned on my laptop, Google Inbox, Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Drive (in that order).
When I restart the browser for changing settings (i.e. turning on smooth scrolling), the pinned tabs will be in reversed order upon start up (Drive, Keep, Calendar, Inbox).

Not that big of a deal, just a weird quirk I thought I should report.


Hi @cjf623 you should have categorised this as Help Me!

Nevertheless, rather than opening another topic it seems relevant to issue it here because it is somewhat related and possibly could be fixed around the same time.

Better handling of ‘Reopen Last Closed Tab’

  • I’ve made mistakes which are my fault but sometimes I accidently close a tab but reopening a tab and pressing backspace doesn’t seem to be functional.

  • The other thing I noticed is that the tabs don’t necessarily reopen in the order in which they were closed.


This is a very well know issue and it is already fixed, just that it will ship in the next release:

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