Pinned tabs open last page viewed when reopening Brave instead of original pin

When a tab is pinned and you browse within that tab to another page and close Brave when you reopen Brave it should load the site that was pinned not the last site that was opened in that pinned tab.

Another way to describe the issue is that Brave is not opening a new tab when clicking on a link within a pinned tab. It opens the link within the pinned tab and Brave simply remembers/saves the last site you had opened in a Tab. This is great for normal tabs but not pinned ones.

Pinned tabs also completely disappear if you close a newly opened window last (a new window has no pinned tabs)

Thanks for the feedback @timothypcook, and apologies for the latr response.

Both is expected behavior (for now) since that’s tge same behavior with Chrome. But I personally like pinned tab to open the pinned site not the last viewed page, too.

And for pinned tab on new window, I think it’ll be better if there’s a setting for it. Some user like it that way (pinned tab only pinned to one window) and vice versa.

cc @rossmoody for opinion.

is there an update? its four years later and this is still happeneing…