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Hello, First of all I wanted to say I am loving the browser so far, my only problem I am having is that I keep alot of pinned tabs open to different youtube channels that I watch, and whenever I close the browser they revert back to the normal settings, what I mean is the screen size of the videos go to the default view size instead of the larger view, and the videos seem to go back to a video I watched a while back, so far its been like 3 videos back from the one I stopped on, it does that on the netflix tab I have as well, I am watching Altered Carbon and am on the 4th episode, but every time I bring up brave after having closed it, it has reverted back to episode 1, I have looked to see if there is a setting I am missing but I am not seeing anything, thank you for your time and cant wait to hear what you have to say.


What version of Brave are you using and what is your OS?


It should be the latest version I just downloaded it a few days ago and my OS is Windows 10.


Hi @ArthasGaming,

Just want to make sure, what is your setting in Preferences > Security > Private Data?

When browser start, pinned tab will always start with the original URL that you pinned. Mean, if you pinned then watching some video/playlist on that pinned tab > close Brave > reopen, those pinned tab will load again.

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