Pinned tabs gradually disappearing



With today’s new Brave version 0.22.714 for Windows.
When I start Brave, I expect to see my 13 pinned tabs load up (slowly).
They seem to all load, but within a few minutes I look at my row of pinned tabs, and there will only be a few there. For example, I have seen just one pinned tab remaining, or sometimes just five remaining.
Have to close Brave and restart it to get them back.


Hi @rgnixon

Just so I’m sure I understand, you’re saying that your pinned tabs are all there after launching. But they slowly disappear as you use Brave? Are you opening any new windows and perhaps a pinned tab (or 2 or 3…) are missing from that new window?



Pinned tabs are all there after launching. Not opening any new windows.
The tabs just close/disappear even if they have loaded content and I’ve looked at them. After about 5-10 minutes I’m down to just the one tab I’m currently using out of the 13.

I went back to the previous version (restored from a Macrium Reflect image from a few days ago) and UNPINNED all the tabs. Have updated Brave again. I’m not going to pin anything for a while. I’ll wait a few days or weeks to see if anyone else reports the problem.


Very interesting. I’ll investigate this but please keep us posted. If you come up with anything else that could provide some insight (if you are using session tabs for example) please reply back.

Just to confirm, all 13 of your pinned tabs were fine in 0.22.669 version?



Yes, all 13 pinned tabs were fine for the past several months or more, through several updates of Brave.

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