Pinned Tabs Disappearing As I Add More


Using Windows 10 Home (up-to-date) and Brave version 0.22.714.

Ever since I started using Brave a couple months ago, pinned tabs would be unreliable. It appears with the latest update that all of the issues I was experiencing have been resolved, except for the fact that pinned tabs will disappear when I add new ones. I currently have nine pinned tabs, but I’m missing a couple that were there this morning after adding a couple new ones.


Hi @tsondrup

I’ve had another user report something similar and was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your browsing habits.

  • do you use session tabs/have any session tabs pinned?
  • do you have many windows/tabs?
  • do you clear any data on exit?
  • anything else you think could be helpful?




I do not use session tabs.

I currently have 11 pinned tabs and maybe 15 unpinned tabs, all in one Brave browser window.

I always minimize my browser (I don’t close). Occasionally I will restart my computer or browser for updates.

A couple of the missing pinned tabs re-appeared (not sure what I did). Also, earlier today, my pinned tabs were overlapping each other (like cards), which I’d never seen before. Then there were only three pinned tabs showing at one point. Restarting the browser resolved that issue.

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