Pinned tabs disappearing after close


I have four websites that I pin to Brave. For the past two days anytime I close Brave the pinned tabs are gone upon opening Brave. Using Windows 7.

Brave: 0.16.9
rev: fba98fcb091b3abfa18aba7c6c0db0c7aa343589
Muon: 4.0.3
libchromiumcontent: 59.0.3071.86
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 6.1.7601
os.arch: x64


I’m having the same issue on MacOC Sierra 10.12.5.

I believe this started happening after I got the new updates last time.

Brave: 0.16.9
rev: fba98fcb091b3abfa18aba7c6c0db0c7aa343589
Muon: 4.0.3
libchromiumcontent: 59.0.3071.86
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: darwin
os.release: 16.6.0
os.arch: x64


Windows 10. Pinned tabs also disappearing after closing Brave for the last two days. No browser use change.
Bookmarks in bookmark manager vanished in past two days…
Closing one tab closes Brave Browser, in the last two days.
When making new tabs to replenish vanished pinned tabs, some bookmarks in bookmark bar vanish as I make new tab.
I do have bookmarks from bookmark bar, but they are vanished in bookmark manager.
Dear Brave Please Fix.
Thank you.


I am having the same issue with pinned tabs disappearing. I just noticed it today.

This is happening in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed on Windows 10. I’d be happy to give any further information or do any troubleshooting that’s needed.

I’m also having issues with the empty bookmark manager, and cannot export bookmarks (though I commented on a more relevant thread for that).


Hi, that issue was recognized and under investigation. Best,


Experiencing the same issue re:
Pinned Tabs
Closing one tab closes BRAVE


I’m having the same issue on Mac 10.12.6 and Brave 0.18.36


Still having this issue. Any plans to fix this? Is there somewhere else I should be reporting this issue?


mind providing steps to reproduce the issue, following About the Help Me category?


Brave: 0.19.70
rev: d4b94c6215bb130250fe5245787a5884dc9b51fe
Muon: 4.5.9
libchromiumcontent: 62.0.3202.62
V8: 6.2.414.32
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: macOS
OS Release: 16.7.0
OS Architecture: x64


  1. Open Brave
  2. Check that Preferences > General Brave starts with “My windows/tabs from last time” is selected
  3. Open two tabs (e.g. two different Google searches)
  4. Pin one of the tab
  5. Close Brave
  6. Re-open Brave
  7. The pinned tab is gone, but the not-pinned tab is not


Exact same issue on Windows 7 x64 desktop computer; all 3 pinned tabs are gone when I restart Brave but the 20+ “normal” tabs come up just fine. I was hoping the latest Brave update would fix the issue but no such luck:
Brave: 0.19.95
rev: cc0ebadfd8950d1b5f454cb39c0c3a64028cc935
Muon: 4.5.16
libchromiumcontent: 62.0.3202.94
V8: 6.2.414.42
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 6.1.7601
OS Architecture: x64

Interestingly, the exact same installation on my Windows 7 x64 laptop behaves correctly; all the above information from “About” is exactly the same.

In the spirit of I Don’t Believe in Coincidences: there are no icons on the dashboard of my desktop. After the latest upgrade, the first time Brave started all the default dashboard icons (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) appeared briefly (because I had a new tab showing when I closed the browser) but then they just fled the page. Now, whenever I open a new tab, just the picture is shown; the icons never appear. This was also a problem before the last update so the 2 may be connected. Again, Brave on the laptop does not exhibit this behavior; my custom icons show up correctly. Weird.


Same issue here. Pinned 4 tabs, closed the browser, reopened it and the tabs are gone. However, it remembers other open tabs just fine.

Name Version
Brave 0.19.116
rev 139c117
Muon 4.5.16
libchromiumcontent 62.0.3202.94
V8 6.2.414.42
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
OS Release 10.0.15063
OS Architecture x64

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