Pinned Tab shuffle and lost focus changing tabs in v0.15.0


Sorry for late answer but does it work for you in the new version 0.18.14?


Will have to take a short while to rebuild all pins. They were all killed
by 0.18.14 update.

BTW…writing this in gmail web dialog, and can not see placement of the
cursor since 0.18.14 update. Makes editing…interesting.

I’ll let you know after I rebuild all the pinned tabs.



Are you not seeing a cursor while editing test areas? There has been a couple people with that problem :thinking:


Tried to send you following, with 5 screenshots, but it bounced – i.e.,
FNGs not allowed to send more than one image.

If you want the 5 screenshots, give me another destination.


-------------- Bounced message ---------------

Here are my results after discovering all pinned tabs were gone after
0.18.14 update:
(reminder: the two unpinned tabs I leave open, Gmail & one New Tab, were
restored after 0.18.14 updates, so only the pinned tabs were not restored]

  1. Rebuilt all my pinned tabs, re-pinned, arranged how I prefer.
    Then exited and re-started.

2 On restart, my rebuilt pins where there, but not in order I’d set. Also,
duplicates of 4 of 6 pins appeared to be restored, in addition to the
entire set of 8 I’d rebuilt. [forgot to screenshot this]
Cleaned up pins again – i.e., re-ordering, and deleting 4 duplicates –
and exited, then restarted.

  1. On 2nd restart, pins again out of order, but the 4 deleted duplicates
    not restored this time. [2017-08-04b…]
    That’s progress. ;<)

  2. Rearranged pins before next restart [ [2017-08-04c…]

  3. On 3rd restart, pins again out of order [2017-08-04d…]

  4. Rearranged pins before next restart [ [2017-08-04e…]

  5. On 4th restart, pins again out of order [2017-08-04f…]

Additional notes:
Immediately after first load after 0.18.14 install, I noticed in gmail that
I could not only not see cursor location (blinking “|”), I could not
click on a Reply-To address’s “x” to delete the address from To line.
All of these symptoms appear resolved after first restart.
Just sayin’…since they seemed to be interesting symptoms after a Brave
update, even though temporary.

Hope this helps, and the pinned tab thing can eventually be fixed so pinned
tabs stay in order set before exit.




Win10 pinned tab shuffle appears to be fixed as of 0.18.29, Build 85f059d

Also, have not seen the disappearing cursor problem since a couple updates after 0.8.15+

Hope this is resolved for others, too.