Pinned Tab shuffle and lost focus changing tabs in v0.15.0


Hello! A couple of changes in the latest version are driving me batty:

  1. I have seven tabs pinned in my browser that I cycle through everyday. Brave 0.15.0 started rearranging them every time it starts up, moving what should be the 4th pinned tab from the left to 1st, and the 3rd pinned tab to 2nd (which shifts #1 & #2 to positions 3 & 4).

If I rearrange them to how I want them to be, they stick until Brave is quit, but on re-open they rearrange again, always in the above order.

There is a reason I load the tabs in the order I do, so this is quite screwy for me.

  1. Cycling through the tabs (pinned & unpinned) on first visit after reopening Brave, the focus goes to the URL/address box, so other shortcuts (space bar to page down, or arrow down to scroll) affect the page address, rather than the body of the page.

Reloading the page keeps the focus as it used to be – that is, not in the address box.

Neither of these problems occurred with previous versions.

I have exported my tabs as bookmarks and reset Brave from scratch (uninstalled, trashing application support files, caches, preferences, etc. & downloaded the current installer to reinstall).

And yet she persisted.

Brave 0.15.0 | macOS 10.12.4

I have Brave set to reload all tabs & windows last open. I browse with shield settings at maximum (no scripts, no fingerprinting, no ads & yes HTTPS upgrades). All plugins & extensions are disabled.


I believe that this should be fixed in 0.15.1 that was released not long ago but I am not sure :sweat_smile::wink:
There is an issue for it on github that you can track here:


Thanks @Jacalz. v0.15.1 hadn’t pushed when I posted this; I just force-checked for update and installed.

The new version doesn’t fix either issue, unfortunately.


I was more on to thinking that it was not fixed but it was worth a try :blush:


I linked this thread in the github issue and also said that it wasn´t fixed in 0.15.1 :wink: @mr_kitty


Should be fixed in the next release 0.15.2 :wink: @mr_kitty


Just updated to 0.15.2 and BOTH issues persist. :cry:


That is because they changed 0.15.2 to be a chromium update only, it will ship with 0.15.3 that was 0.15.2 before the update :sweat_smile: A bit confusing I know :grimacing:


I have same issue as #1 above, since 0.15.0. Very annoying.

Hoping it will really be fixed in 0.15.3



Agreed, the latest issue also deleted or lost all my tabs. Reloaded them, closed brave, still shuffled. This is making me look for options.


Just updated to 0.15.310, restarted, rest my tabs to their correct order and restarted Brave… and now they’re in a completely new, shuffled order.

Not fixed.

And cycling through tabs still puts the focus on the address box, so keyboard shortcuts to scroll down the page don’t work until the page is reloaded.

Neither issue is fixed.


@mr_kitty Could you give an example of some of the tabs you have pinned?
Also are you cycling via ctrl+tab or another method? How fast do you cycle?

I’m on macOS 10.12.5, Brave 0.15.310 and could not replicate the cycle issue.


Pinned tab shuffle will be tracked here :


Just tried to rapidly cycle through pinned tabs and unpinned tabs on a Windows 7 ia-32 VM and was able to do so without issue. I had tried using ctrl+tab in singular rapid keystrokes and by holding the keys down and relying on keyrepeat.

Perhaps something else is the issue in this case.


I’ve been using Command + Option + right/left arrow to cycle through tabs, but Control + Tab does the same thing.

I don’t cycle through tabs quickly, I have a series of sites that I read daily, so I load Brave to a New Tab that I keep open (so I can see the stats screen), switch to the next tab, and try to scroll down to read below the fold – but I can’t because the cursor is in the address bar.

If I Command + R to reload the page, the focus will shift to the content and I can scroll down, which is the work around I’ve been doing since 0.15 (this worked in prior versions).

When I first encountered the issue I did a hard clean install (searched for all of Brave’s pieces, deleted them and redownloaded the current version), so I’m not sure why you can’t repro.

macOS 10.12.5, Brave 0.15.310, Shields to maximum (HTTPS upgrades, fingerprinting protection, blocking scripts, blocking malware), all plugins removed.


Also, pinned tabs aren’t rearranged in order they were pinned – the order is seemingly random.

That issue was previously which was closed as fixed in 0.15.310


The tabs lost their orientation once for me on 0.15.2 but 0.15.310 changed them back to their original places so it works for me, strange that you still are having problems :sweat_smile:


To confirm (to myself) that the order wasn’t resetting to order added, I unpinned all my tabs and then repinned them in the order I wanted them displayed.

They shuffled order on adding (so instead of displaying as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 they displayed as 1, 3, 5, 2, 4 [not the actual order, an example]).

I then unpinned all but the first one and arranged the tabs in the desired order. THIS remains on restart of the browser.

Odd thing tho, the one pinned tab is the ONLY one that still shifts focus to the address bar; I can cycle through all the tabs and focus remains on content (as it did pre-0.15.0), EXCEPT the one pinned tab, which still selects the address bar.

I suspect these two issues are actually related (and I should just give up on pinned tabs).


Okay, now they changed place so yes this is still a problem for me too :sweat:


Still a problem for me too in latest Win10 version.

Gethub link shows projected fix in 0.16.2. Is that still valid?