Pinned Tab Behaviour - When dragging and separating a non pinned tab to a new isolated window


User Story
I want to separate a tab from my main group, perhaps to work on two windows side by side.

When the new window spawns it also spawns all my pinned tabs to this isolated window

Duplication of pinned tabs for every isolated window is inefficient and uses up resources needlessly, in this scenario the user only wants the window isolated and not all the pinned tabs, since these remain in the orginal window

Potential Solution
Having pinned tabs regenerate when all windows have been closed is great so to solve this I suggest the user is asked initially in the scenario outlined to “isolate pinned tabs too or just this tab? and secondly Remember this selection”

I would also argue that this should default behaviour and that the current behaviour is optional and controllable in the tab preferences area


Hi @lukusdukus, thanks for the feedback, This one is discussed here Pinned tabs should stay in the window they were pinned in. Let me close this thread in favor of thread linked above and please continue the discussion there. :slight_smile:

Also I added your +1 and you can track the progress here


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