Pinned Brave Payments Getting Unpinned Automatically - macOS 0.20.30



I wasn’t certain before, but I am now, that my pinned Brave payment sites I select to contribute at the end of each month are getting unpinned by themselves after some time. I’m not sure if this happened prior to this version. I know that when I first got UGP grant, I pinned several sites, and when I checked again after a few updates and after the UGP distribution (that when I check the payout history was not at all what I allocated for the pinned distribution), I noticed all my pinned sites had disappeared. I just chalked it up to Brave updating a few times and resetting it, so no big deal. And so I repinned a few creators a few weeks ago, and in between without updating, they were once again wiped out.

The last time I re-pinned creators was about 2-3 weeks ago. I had 4 pinned in total, each allocating 10%. When I checked just now, 3/4 were gone. They were all YouTube creators, while the last one that stuck was a website. I am not able to replicate the issue with pinning sites and just closing and reopening Brave.

Just wanted to report this in case anyone else is experiencing anything similar. I am on macOS. I don’t use Brave on windows so I don’t know if they suffer from the same bug.

Brave 0.20.30
V8 6.4.388.40
rev 8b78402
Muon 4.7.9
OS Release 17.4.0
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform macOS
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 64.0.3282.119


As far as I see it, this happens when I visit the pages again.
Sometimes it also sets the time to 0 again.

See GIF below
I opened the page in new tab, switched to tab, scrolled a little, then closed tab and search for the domain. As you can see the counter started again and was just few seconds


Hi @dragespir and @jc1337

We have an issue logged for this:


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