Pinch Zoom on Microsoft Surface Pro 4


Not sure if it’s a setting on my end, or whether it just isn’t implemented, but 2-finger pinch zooming is a must for me. Please integrate :slight_smile:


The very same for me…before I would switch over I would need to have 2-finger pinch zooming. Hopefully that is on your list.


@MJL thanks for reaching out with this!

So I did some digging and found an issue like this logged back in Feb., but it was addressing MacOS specifically. While I look into this further, would you mind telling me what brave version you’re running (you can find this by typing in about:brave into the url bar - just copy and paste)? Also I assume your running Windows 10 on that Surface, correct?

Let me know what you find out!


I am using Brave Version 0.23.19 and I am using Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4.