Pinch To Zoom and General Opinions But Outstanding Browser All-In-All :)



Number one I love the software and the concept and expect great things in the future.

The only things I wanted to mention are

1.) At times the buttons seem to freeze (i.e. the back button doesn’t work, and I can’t open new tabes, or close close the browser.) Even with shortcuts. I click the buttons and nothing happens.

2.) This is more of a minor performance issue and may just be a preference kinda thing, but the pinch to zoom feature is very choppy and can get annoying at times not being able to zoom in smoothly to the size I’d like page to be. It’s especially annoying while reading something.

An example of a browser that does this extremely well IMO is Opera (currently my default browser.)

3.) Both Opera and Chrome seem to offer homepages that display large favorites boxes that I can click quickly to get to my most visited sites. Honestly I’m not to enthusiastic about the few boxes available on Brave. I guess it would be cool if I could add as many as I wanted, and if they were labeled. Displaying only favicons has me remembering symbols for sites as opposed to names, which is cool, but when I think of a website I generally see words and not logos which makes it a bit frustrating at times (again, maybe that’s just me though lol.)

Aside from that this is very close to being my default browser. I wish you guys all the best and look forward to watching the growth and progress of the browser.

Thanks and I hope the day finds you well.

  • Eric