PIN not working after setting up new phone (Locked out of Brave)

Description of the issue:
I restored my new phone from a backup of my previous phone and now the PIN does not work when I try to open Brave. There is no message that the PIN is invalid. The circles at the top turn orange with every number I press and then nothing happens when I finish inputting the PIN. It just remains on the PIN input screen. I know that the PIN I am using is correct.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Restore new phone from old phone backup
  2. Open Brave
  3. Input PIN
  4. Be sad… :cry:

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
App does not open. It remains on PIN screen.

Expected result:
App would open after PIN input.

Reproduces how often:
Every time I try to open Brave

Brave Version(about:brave):
Version 1.6.6

Mobile Device details
iPhone XS Max (Old phone was iPhone 6+)

Android/iOS Version
iOS 12.1

Additional Information:
I saw a similar thread from someone using an iPad but there were no replies… Hoping someone can help me out this time. Thanks!

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Sorry to hear that!
This is the first I’m hearing about this issue. It’s slightly hard to test given it happened after a backup but let me see what I can figure out on my end. Also going to cc @anon1255531 from our iOS team.

Sorry again for the inconvenience and I appreciate your patience.

Thanks, Mattches!

Here is the previous post that I found, for your reference:

Real quick, you mentioned that you just backed up your phone data - I assume you have Brave data you’d rather not lose? I only ask because a simple un/reinstall may do the trick but you’re data will not be retained, unfortunately.

I do have some bookmarks that I would like to keep if possible. Fortunately, I still have my old phone right now, so I might be able to export those before I trade it in. But it wouldn’t be the end of the world if it comes down to doing a reinstall.

Thanks for the info @larz0rz. Did you restore from iCloud or from a computer? If from a computer, was the backup encrypted?

We are looking into this, and will find a fix for it. Thanks again!

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From a computer. I am fairly confident that it was an encrypted backup.

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