Pictures size on Twitter website

• Windows 10 x64
• Brave updated today [Version 1.2.43 Chromium: 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)]
• Screen resolution : 2560 x 1440px

Problem of picures displayed in fullscreen on the Twitter website instead of normal size (100%).

Hello there, this is my first topic on this forum. Sorry if I make mistakes, I’m French.

I have encountered this little problem only on the Brave browser, only on the Twitter site, and for several months. On other browsers like Chromium, my previous default browser, this problem was solved by deleting cookies and browsing history.

Description of the problem: on the Twitter site, when I click on an image, even a small one, it is displayed in full screen instead of being displayed in real size, 100%.

• Illustration on my timeline today:

• When I click on the image it is displayed in full screen:

• When I open this image in a new tab, 100% real size:

Brave was updated this morning, I deleted all of my browsing history and cookies (all options, all the time) and it never solves my problem.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for reaching out to us. I’m trying to reproduce this on my end and I can’t quite. It seems that if I click on an image on the Twitter page, the image comes up full screen. When I open the image in a new tab by itself, it’s not necessarily “full screen”, but it does display at the same size.
Do you know if there any other websites that display this behavior other than twitter?

Hello and thank you.
No, this is a problem that I only encounter on Twitter. However what I notice is that I have exactly the same behavior on Chromium.
And on Brave and Chromium: when I open the same link in private browsing mode, the behavior is different, when I click on the image it is displayed in full size at 100%, which is normal behavior, while when I am logged in to my account it opens in full screen.

That’s very strange – on my end, I seem to get the same display and behavior across the board. Images seem to load as intended and they display the same in Private browsing (both opening the link in Twitter and by Right-click --> Open image in new tab option).

Let me reach out to some webcompat team members to take a look. Appreciate your patience.

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