Pictures not downloading in hotmail


Hello All,

I am not finding info in the FAQ’s etc, plz direct me as appropriate.

I still have a hotmail email address (looking forward to how I am made fun of for this) and pictures are not downloading / appearing in the emails I receive.

This is on an iMAC using Sierra 10.12.5.

I have skimmed thru settings and help and am missing the obvious or asking the wrong question and would like to have these load automatically once again.


@jevans5355 if you right click (or use ctrl+click) on an image, can you save it via a menu like this?



Thanks for the quick reply. Poor question on my part. It isn’t attached images, but imbedded images. In the image below from an email there are images above and below the date in other browsers, but not brave. I missed a setting somewhere.


John Evans

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