Pictures not being displayed on the Drudge Report, desktop version

For a while now Brave hasn’t been displaying the pictures on the Drudge Report website ( on my MacBook. (For what it’s worth, it’s running on Mojave 10.14.4) The number of pictures being “blocked” (non-technical lad here, so apologies in advance if my lack of expertise is insulting to some) varies a lot, but I’d say that the pictures illustrating the headlines are always, or almost always, unavailable if the shields are on. Oftentimes there are more pictures being blocked. Once the shields are down, all pictures–along with ads, trackers, and what have you–are displayed normally.
That seems to be an issue only with the desktop version of the Drudge; on my iPhone and iPad the website can be viewed in all its visual glory. I don’t have a PC and thus am unable to provide any feedback on a Windows-based OS.

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