Photoshop for Web Not Supported

Description of the issue:

Adobe’s Photoshop for Web says it doesn’t support Brave and to use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox instead. Oddly enough, Adobe Express works just fine in Brave, so it’s unclear why the full Photoshop doesn’t work.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no)

Yes, it did.

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off?

No, the “not supported” message persists even with Shield turned off.

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no):

No, it doesn’t matter if shields are on or off.

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome?

Yes, in Chrome it works just fine.

Brave version (check About Brave):

Version 1.56.20 on Windows 10. The same message also appears in the Nightly browser.

They are using Brave API as an Anti-Brave measure.

So you need to remove that with the adblocker: to brave://adblock custom filters until resolved.

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Thank you! Except now there’s a new message about having a problem with my device. It lists the possible causes as being in private/incognito mode, having a limited storage quota, or not have 4GB of available disk space.

I am in regular mode, not private/incognito. I definitely have way more than 4GB of available storage space, and as far as I know, I don’t have any storage quota.

But the custom filter did work because I definitely wasn’t getting this message before.

Well, that might be because Brave disabled or removed a API Photoshop web expects, only Brave team in charge of that could see what it is exactly.
I see in console errors about Service Workers errors and some WAM service not being able to work correctly.

I remember I could use photoshop few weeks ago on Brave, so, who knows what changed.

Something I noticed is that if I try to open Photoshop for Web in Firefox, it will display a little box asking for permission to use persistent storage. So I wonder if the issue with Brave is related to something with persistent storage. Hopefully someone on the Brave team will have a better idea.

Persistent storage is just ‘normal storage’, Firefox has Total Cookie Protection and that’s why they ask permission, since the Photoshop will ask permission about it when Detecting Firefox, if not the storage will get isolated like in Brave.

It is something missing in Brave that is causing this, that’s all you have to know. But for example, Opera One complains about Browser Support, but works once you change the UA and Ungoogled Chromium does not complain about UA but complains about “Private mode” error, but probably most Chromium browsers with Edge or Chrome UA, will work okay.

The problem is Brave in this case.

@Saoiray Do you have any idea about it? If not, can you tag the devs who might be able to help?

It’s Friday night. Chances are we won’t see much from anyone at Brave until after the weekend.

I’ll tag in @fanboynz in case he happens to be available at all, as he tends to handle a lot of the web compatibility and Shields stuff.

Then @Mattches as he’s Browser Support. That said, I can pretty much guarantee he won’t be on again until after Monday.

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@RedFlame well I technically said what has to be said, and even re-phrased some stuff so it would be clear that there is not much to do about this, and if Brave users want to run Photoshop on the web with Brave, it will not happen with ‘vanilla’ Brave, but I know what it is.

The only problem was the Anti-Brave, which I gave a rule for that, the other issue is just ‘bad luck’, but users are affected and won’t get a fix anytime soon. It is not just a switch and done.

The only fix for now, for normal users, is to use another browser, so no needed to tag Saoiray who was forced to tag others for no reason other than, not reading my comment as “well, I will wait for the fix someday”.

Unless Adobe changes something, nothing can be done for now. Patient, a lot of patience is what is needed.

I figured would tag them in because I’ve seen others with the issue and I figured that there’s possibility that:

  • They might figure out a way to modify things to bypass this restriction and to get it working


  • Contact Adobe to figure out what needs to be done for compatibility. This is especially true if they are trying to purposefully block Brave from working on the site, which is what I believe you’re saying.

And that’s the other reason. Just confirmation of whether they will say it’s not going to change at all or if there’s a better way to implement things in the browser so things like this will work.

Thanks for all the info though, Emi. I agreee they might be quite limited and this would be one of the issues that take a backseat, just like how Google Voice Search has been waiting to be fixed for years and how Fedup has been waiting for a fix to the random 30 second delays on YT live chat to load which only seems to happen on Brave and no other browser.

I’m not sure that Brave would prioritize this issue, especially if there’s not a lot of people reporting it as a problem. But definitely would be nice to know more officially and to make sure that the devs are aware of the issue at least.

I don’t think he does things just because users aak him to. I just left things to his judgement. He is also quite active in other places with Brave, so he might have some idea like maybe Brave team is already aware.

And as you said Brave could be missing or disabled some API, so that made me think maybe Brave is the one who need to do something about it.

Sorry if you thought I ignored your messages.

@anon57438784 does seem to be on point here. I’ll ask for some more information from the team anyway — there was a time where PSE worked in Brave as I’ve used it before so they must have changed something relatively recently.

@RedFlame well, the thing is I could give instructions how to run Photoshop in Brave, but nobody is going to do them so I better just say a general “won’t work for a while”. I am kind of given up giving advices to people, I will talk to Devs because I did the whole research to know exactly what it was the issue, then how to fix it, and nothing can be done today by vanilla Brave, you have to either modify Brave, modify Adobe scripts through Devtools or some extension that can inject/replace file, or modify Brave’s source code to fix this.

If people liked to mess with Brave I would give all instructions how to fix it, the moment I start telling people technical stuff, they don’t want therefore I will just be wasting my time explaining how to fix this in the meantime.

I must say, it is Brave’s fault why it doesn’t work. About the Anti-Brave Adblock rule I gave, that’s still Brave’s fault, but it sucks companies do that and use Brave’s API against Brave, so it is still not Brave’s fault and pretty easy to fix.

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I bet our devs would really appreciate knowing the information you know — if you could open an issue on Github with the research/instructions it would be highly appreciated.

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