Photos/images inserted into emails display only as thumbnails

I’ve been finding that photos/images that I insert directly into the body of Yahoo! Mail emails are being converted to thumbnails in the ‘sent’ version of the emails.

Anyone know what might be causing that to happen?

Yahoo! Mail ‘Customer Service’ seems to think this is a browser issue. One of its troubleshooting steps is to ensure that JavaScript is enabled. How does one check that in Brave?

In Site Settings > Permissions, my Javascript is ‘allowed’ and Images are set to ‘Show all.’


@mattches Do you have any idea what condition might cause this, and whether it’s more likely to be a ‘browser’ issue (as Yahoo! thinks), or an issue with ‘Yahoo! Mail’?

The issue being unexplained conversion of normal full-size photos/images to small generic thumbnails once the emails that contain them are ‘sent.’


Can you share what it looks like when they display as thumbnails on your end? I tested by sending an email from a Yahoo! mail account to my gmail account, which seemed to work as intended.
Inserted directly into Yahoo! mail:

When received:

Thanks. Here’s a screenshot of an image copied from a tweet & inserted directly in an email:


In the ‘sent’ version of the email the image was replaced by the small icon directly under “https”:


Are you copying the image directly (that is, Right-click --> Copy Image)? Or are you using Copy then Paste? Drag and drop?

@mattches I normally use ‘Copy image’ when it’s available. In this case, the image is from a video, so I just did a screenshot (with the video stopped) and then pasted that into the email.

I don’t think the fact that the image is from a video is significant related to this issue, since the same has happened with photos, etc.

When you look at the ‘sent’ version of the email you sent (assuming you keep copies), do you see the image the same as when you sent it?

Or if you cc: yourself on an outgoing email to your GMail address, does the email you receive in your Yahoo! Mail inbox retain the image (i.e., not replace it with that little icon)?


Appears normal in all areas. Do you have any specific settings (Shields or otherwise) configured for Yahoo mail?

@mattches No. I don’t alter the default Shield settings unless I’m having a specific issue with a website that seems like it might be related to the settings (like when phone calling from GMail wasn’t working because Shields were ‘UP’).

As for Yahoo! Mail’s own settings, I’ve checked those and haven’t seen any that appear relevant to the issue. Do you know of any?

The only setting I see related to images is “Show images in messages” (under “Viewing email”), which I have set to the default: “Always, except in spam folder.”

Hey there @mattches,

Would it be possible to just get an expert opinion on whether the cause of this issue is more likely to lie with the browser than with Yahoo! Mail (or vice versa)?

Aside from what I’ve already reported I am seeing such things as screenshots of text (i.e., no graphics) in an email being converted to strings of the following kind in the ‘sent’ version of the email – instead of the thumbnails I’ve referred to in previous posts:


Does that substitution seem like something the browser would be making, or the email app?


First – just to test – can you try sending them with Shields = down? I don’t know why Shields would have any barring on this but it’s worth testing and ruling out.

@mattches OK. I’ll have to wait until I see it happen again and then resend the same email with Shields down.

However, the feedback I’ve had from people I’ve sent such emails to suggests that they’re receiving the images normally.

If Shields were involved, they’d be experiencing the same issue I am, wouldn’t they?

Or, maybe the fact that none of them use Yahoo! Mail has something to do with it.


Can you check and confirm for me that you’ve tried these steps?

@mattches Thanks, yes, I’d checked that early on.

It was already set to ‘allow’ — Always, except in Spam folder

@mattches Curious update… A copy of an email I sent with an in-line photo not only converted the photo to a thumbnail image in the ‘sent’ copy at Yahoo! Mail but did the same in a copy I sent to my GMail address (i.e., by including myself as a ‘recipient’ in the To: line).


(The “ARTICLE” line is just for context – i.e., as reference to an article, directly followed by what was a full-size photo when the email was sent.)

The photo was one that was in the linked article. Since I was including text with it, I included the photo in a screenshot (i.e., not via ‘Copy image’) pasted into the email. I would normally wonder if that has something to do with the conversion of the ‘photo’ part of the screenshot to a thumbnail – but I do the same all the time and it doesn’t always happen.

Just adding to the mystery here.

Can you try this in a new browsing profile? I’d like to test and see if it’s an issue with your some browsing data in your profile.
Simply create a new profile (or guest profile), sign into Yahoo! mail and attempt to send images in the same way as you have been and note the results.

@mattches Thanks. Do you mean create a ‘new user’ (login + password)?

Some new information:

I got feedback from someone that a test email they received from me (in an Earthlink account, with its native email client) did display the same issue – i.e., the thumbnail replacing the image.

I then decided to run a test on the content of that email by going back to the source and copying the same data, once with a screenshot, and also with ‘copy image’ (inserted into the same email).

This time both methods worked without a hitch.

So, as I suspected, the problem is not even consistent – i.e., the same content sent with either method of including the graphic inline can either turn up normally or be replaced by the thumbnail.

@mattches Did you still want me to create a ‘new user’ account (if that’s what you meant by ‘new profile’)?

I thought what I last reported about the conversion of images to thumbnails being irregular (i.e., that it happens unpredictably) might make the point of testing in a new account irrelevant.

Also, that the substitution of the thumbnails for the photos/images is inconsistent even with the same content – i.e., my testing appears to confirm that whether it happens or doesn’t happen doesn’t seem to be dependent on the content itself.

Just a thought:

I don’t know whether the process of sending a webmail email with photos/images is locally memory-intensive or not, but do you think it’s possible that it requires enough memory that the computer might in tight memory circumstances send an alert of some kind either to the browser or to the email provider that it can’t find enough memory to complete the action and is therefore substituting a placeholder (the thumbnail) for the actual photo/image at the location in the email where the latter was supposed to be?


@mattches Any further ideas about this?

I’ve tested and confirmed that I can send an email with the same content at two different times with two different results:

Whether or not images in the email (whether as screenshots or ‘Copy image’ images) will be replaced with thumbnails is unpredictable. I’ve so far found no ‘pattern’ to its happening or ‘not happening.’ Nor have I found any way of forcing the result (either way) to be duplicated.

Even when the conversion to thumbnails does occur, I can reconstruct the same email, send it again, and this time, in all likelihood, the images will come through normally.


(Also, my two previous posts here somehow got doubled – i.e., two copies of each in the replies. I didn’t post them twice.)

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