Phone Screen Smashed at 23 BAT

I have replaced my phone due to a smashed screen, I have essentially got to keep charging, picking up the broken phone and tapping on brave to get my rewards up to 25 before I can claim them. I’m sick of doing this so have just put the phone in a drawer… why can’t you just give people their earned rewards instead of making them wait for 25 to accrue? The technology is there, it seems you are using this as a way of cheating people out of their rewards and I certainly feel cheated out of my rewards just because my phone broke. Stop being greedy and give people their rewards into a verified wallet from the start.

I don’t fully understand the min requirement eirther, have you thought about sending the rewards to your creator account instead

I actually avoid linking my andriod in fear of losing the rewards, to many reports of people losing their bats soon as they link an andriod device to uphold

That is a bug, dont worry. It wont be lost. It will payout eventually. Though it may not show up for some time. They are working on a fix and will hopefully fix it soon. I linked my wallet to uphold after getting 25 BAT, and it worked out pretty well. The BAT transferred in 10 minutes or so.

Just send the money to a creator account. Brave will keep 5 percent of that as infrastructure fee or whatever, but its the easiest way out of your predicament.

not sure how to connect my android rewards to my creator account… can you explain?