Phone lost new to retrieve information

I Lost my phone today and i had some open tabs there(100+)
My question is if its possible to see search history on google account from brave.
Im looking at the google account history and it only shows the app has been used not what i actually typed there even though its logged it to my google account like it would have in any google chrome.
Hope im not too confusing. Really need help,thanks!

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Hi @insight, thanks for joining Community!

Let me make sure I’m understanding you correctly. You’d like your Google search history to sync to your Brave browsing history?

Yes. I actually thought it already was since i was using google (with a logged in account) for searches and such
I ultimately just want to manage a way to get those tabs on my PC

Need some help please

Hi Insight, I did some digging. Unfortunately, at this time this isn’t possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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