Phone automatically removed Brave?

Description of the issue:
My phone has been low on storage for a while, and I’ve just ignored it. However tonight when I went to use the Brave Browser it was no longer on my phone. I never deleted it, however it’s just gone. As I’m sure people are well aware I lost all of my BAT. I started the verification a while ago and don’t know if I ever finished it because I never realized the wallet wasn’t already connected to me. I had about 170 BAT as well which really sucks. I was just hoping maybe I can get some help A) finding out if I may still have access to my BATs and B) how I can prevent something like this from happening in the future.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Unsure of which version it was, probably the most recent

Mobile Device details

One plus Pro 7 256 gb

Additional Information:

I’ve been using Brave now for almost 2 years, would my wallet information potentially be on a back up I’ve done somewhere?

Thanks for the help in advance

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This happened just now to me, I had almost 9$ worth of BAT and it has gone down to 0.12$. Also I’ve been trying to claim my BAT (almost 9$) for several months now.

I have the same problem Yesterday but after 4/5 hours the bug IS gone ans my bats are come back

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The bug is still there for me, my BAT balance is not right. I just don’t know what happened. Also not ads are popping up.:joy:

Maybie go wait and if is not go tomorrow call the support

@Nellbs your issue is not the same as what @Racey is describing.

So if I understand correctly, it appears that Brave was potentially removed by your device to make space, right? As far as I know, this is not something that the device (OS) would do by itself. Do you have any applications installed that handle this kind of work? App/device cleaners or anything?

Also, have you already reinstalled Brave at this time?

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