Philosophy of Brave and socially responsible internet software

I’m looking for a place to discuss the following, maybe it’s here or maybe you know a better place?

philosophy of Brave and socially responsible internet software

  1. Basic Attention Token (BAT) - After reading the Basic Attention Token (BAT) that is behind Brave, I have some questions about it… where best to post and discuss those questions?
    Ex. BAT algorithm: 1pt for 2sec, 2pt for 30, 3pt for 60 with diminishing or bounded for longer Question: but wouldn’t this incentivize content to be quick to read fluff? How to avoid that incentive?
    How to keep users from hacking the BAT and just telling advertisers you spent a lot of attention on things that you didn’t (fraud basically)?
    Many other questions…

  2. I’m also looking for a place to discuss more general internet social responsibility issues (some of which Brave is mitigating, thus the connection), like the following:


  • Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft
  • Buy up competition or use unfair advantage to kill them – copying and litigating features – ex snapchat story feature copied by facebook
  • Counter examples: Netflix, Uber (sort of… now owned by google) and Airbnb
  • The frightful five market data is an unfair advantage

Mobile apps are designed to be addictive Tristan Harris formerly from google: Tristan Harris

I’ve found plenty of places where people say there are issues but almost no where that is discussing practical solutions (except Brave).