Philippines are not listed on Uphold Non-Supported Jurisdictions

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I found some information about Uphold Brave Rewards that might be outdated.

Brave Last Update. April 23, 2024 (Philippines are not on the List of Supported regions)

Uphold Non-Supported Jurisdictions. updated 3months ago (Philippines are not on the list)

There are lists of non-supported regions, but the Philippines isn’t on them.

These lists were last updated 3 months ago, so there’s a good chance the Philippines is now supported by Uphold for Brave Rewards.

Here are the list of supported regions for Brave Rewards:

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Yes, the Philippines is not on the list of supported regions in the Brave article. However, the Philippines is not listed among the unsupported jurisdictions for Uphold. This inconsistency might suggest that Brave could potentially support the Philippines in the future, but there’s no guarantee.

@reirem let me break a few things down for you.

First off, Philippines was initially removed because there is too much fraud in your area. Abuse of Rewards was incredibly high and much illegal activity. So Brave and Uphold both made the decision to remove the country from the ability to link Rewards.

Through discussion over the years, it has been said that the likelihood of the country being supported again is very slim. This is especially the case in regards to being able to link to a custodial partner such as Uphold.

The hope you are going to have is going to be in hoping things roll out and are okay with on chain payments. But even with that, I’m not sure there are any guarantees. You can learn more on the on chain payments via my link and the links included in that post over at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators