Petition for the possibility of elimination of verified accounts

So , the problem is simple!
If we change our laptop or reinstall the windows, we cannot win bats anymore.Because our all 4 uphold or gemini accounts are used. Try to comment to collect as many comments if you are agree ! I hope the STAFF is gonna see this! PEACE!


Definitely should be a thing. Even if there was a long cooldown period to really eliminate farming BAT that would be fine by me. Like having to wait 30 days or something after removing an old account before linking to a new one.


Uphold needs this! Not just gemini. Most people use uphold and rather stay with uphold. All custodians need an option like this. Not just gemini.

But to the topic! Yes, there needs to be a solution to this issue. Been locked out of uphold on my PC because simple windows reinstalls.
Can not use gemini because not in my area… Also, I wouldnt even want to use gemini.


This is already being worked on. The best place to find out the status of fixes, new features, etc. is here:

This is so bad indeed, they have to change it.

Hmm. So whatever reason I had. I tried to verify my desktop again. I am over the limit.
Only saw some message in brave for like 1 second.
Followed by a notification on my phone. Stating that i successfully verified brave browser.
While in brave I still get the device limit reached message.
So either they are working on this or there is block in check by brave that bugged out a little or something and was a littler slower to let the verification through but then immediately revoked it.

That was wierd and first time I saw this.

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yess…we need this ! :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

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We really do.
I have tokens blocked in the browser because of this.

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Yes please as soon as possible had a crash my macbook stopt now I need to start all over again please admin put some pressure on Uphold

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