Permanent 'Add Card'?

I’ve been user and promoter of Brave for 5+ years. But I’m getting tired of its occasional and unexpected and unwanted promotional / advert changes to the default screen. Today just appeared “Add Card”.

NO I don’t want to “Add Card.” And NO I don’t want to stare at “Add Card” for the next couple of years. There is no option to hide this - why?

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What happened when you hover


nothing happens, nothing pops up.

I had to click on the dots to the right then option pops up.

@eljuno What is it anyhow?

Somebody just ‘slide’ in this fix? I tried that days ago and there were no items in the three-dots menu. But now there is so halleluiah, thx Brave developers. Now if you could only get Brave to work consistently with ReCaptcha but that’s another long drawn out story.

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