Performance of HTML 5 game

There is a game called Club Penguin Rewritten and due to flash EOL, the team have rewritten the whole game to HTML 5. Now it is in Alpha testing. I noticed that it consumes high amount of memory on my computer (see screenshot. Total RAM memory of my laptop 4 GB) while I am playing in Brave.
Is there any way to make it run more efficient? I have tried playing in Edge and it seems to consume less memory although still high but runs smoothly. I have hardware acceleration enabled and about:flags “Override Software Rendering List” enabled.

Also when I open the website in private window (and sometimes even with normal window) with shields on, the game seems to break. (in the screenshot the “loading content” must be just above the progress bar). They told us that if we are using Brave we have to disabled shields in order to play.


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It’s asking me to create an account but I don’t want to, so I won’t play. Anyway, it works with Shields and it doesn’t seem to use up RAM (Brave 1.18.77, Windows 10).

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It uses more memory after you log in
Right now, servers are down

Choose a better game/host :wink:

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