Performance (no more characters needed)

This is another chapter from my book

Consumer production

Again, even though you can’t see them, tears are streaming down my face.
‘Cause I’ve finally gotten to the exact words that explain THE ENTIRETY OF (non-food/-clothing) CONSUMER PRODUCT PERFORMANCE. Which, again, comes down to interaction efficiency optimization, again, a.k.a. gratification optimization.
Those words are, which I quote from a Reddit user, ‘economics, flexibility, and more options and better functionality won’. This I quote from a reddit post on Google Chrome’s market share. Said quote is on Android vs. Apple. No matter smartphone or browser, BOTH ARE CONSUMER PRODUCTS. Even though browsers come with no price, Chrome outperforms.
Sure, Chrome does <insert average Joe’s need> better than whatever else is in the realm of (mobile) browsers. Yes, mobile, at the time of writing, is where it’s at.
And where Chrome does it for browsers, Tesla does it for electric private cars (I quote, of a march 2023 report on U.S. LV (light vehicle) sales, ‘Ford was the #1 brand in February, outselling Toyota. Toyota was ahead of Chevrolet’. No matter Tesla, when it comes to light vehicles, it’s far below the top brands, when it comes to economics, flexibility, more options, better functionality), Windows does it for desktop OS, android does it for mobile OS, Samsung does it for smartphones, etc.

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