Penging Payout as a Creator -

I have pending payout as a Content Creator, everything worked month before. I see that one confirmed install, but do not even see payment for that either. Date has pasted for payment? Everything is verified, any ideas?

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Hi @jdoerrerstl1977,

Welcome to community! The October payout was initiated today and you can expect your BAT within the next couple of days.


I have the same problem. why is this? Why is this happening? This had not happened before.

Hi @Quazar440 - no need to worry. Payouts are in process.


Thank you friend! I had a lot of concern.

@steeven sir I have a successful refferal September 11 2019 & October 01 2019
Can I receive my bat token this October payout? Or it will be next month?

Keep waiting bro. they will paid about 8h later

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Why has my payment status changed?
Payment not made.

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Такая же проблема. Same problem

image What to do with it? Payment has not been made?

@acher103 have patience will be paid next on nov 8th

Why should I wait for next month? I have to get paid this month.

Happened to me last month did not get paid on sept but got it all this oct

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lie,you want to keep him promote,but payment will not be made

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