Pending rewards unexpectedly vanished on Android

Description of the issue:
I downloaded from GitHub and installed the below mentioned version of Brave that allows me to watch Ads and receive BAT. But recently I realized all my pending rewards suddenly vanished. I’ve had until that moment watched over 40 ads and had a little bit over 2 BAT pending, then suddenly the browser says I’ve watched 0 ads and has 0 pending rewards (as it’s still the same month, it’s impossible to be a problem related to the payment date since is not due yet).
I would appreciate any help on this problem. Thanks!

Brave Version:
Brave 1.1.0, Chromium 75.0.3770.67

Mobile Device details:
Moto G (5)

Android/iOS Version:
Android 8.1.0

Adding that I’ve watched more 50 ads until July 4th. The money were never added to my wallet.
I’m feeling I’m just wasting my time for free. There’s anything I can do to fix this?

@Ryuu do you have auto contribute on? Currently brave wallet is unidirectional but bidirectional wallet is in development

Thank you for responding! My auto-contribute is off, I have 1.25 from free token grant and 2.80 in my estimated earnings from watching ads. The payment day have already passed but I didn’t received any BATs.
I also never received back the original 2 BATs.

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