Pending rewards on android keep resetting even though ad count keeps increasing

I am using latest brave version 1.22.71 on galaxy s10 phone.

My pending rewards keep resetting to zero and then increasing a bit before reducing back to zero… but the ads viewed count keeps increasing. It’s very frustrating because I also invested a bit of BAT myself but this is really giving me second thoughts about buying more… I am not verified with uphold on my android install yet. I do have about 17 bat in my android brave wallet, the April pay came through fine, but since then the pending rewards just keeps resetting to zero the counting back up.


Make sure you have a internet connection, if you don’t it will reset each time until you get a proper internet connection. When you get a internet connection relaunch the browser 2 times maximum and refresh new tab and Brave rewards.

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply @CSE_Tech .

I did as you advised and force closed the brave browser and re opened it, I did it five+ times, with working internet. I tried opening new tabs and brave rewards and refreshing it each time but still hasn’t restored my pending rewards to what it was a few days ago. I also tried two different internet connections and repeated it all. Still the same :frowning:

Uh oh. Try checking for Brave browser updates. Update your browser.
Make sure auto-contribute is off. If the error consists please contact the developers.

I checked the Google app store and it didn’t show any available updates for brave. I checked and can confirm auto contribute is off as well.

How can I get in contact with the Devs?


See it just reset again today

Would love to know who I should contact specifically regarding this

I had similar issues. A restart of the phone brought the balance back to where it should be.

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