Pending rewards not showing/updating

Is this normal? I have only recently installed brave browser but no pending rewards are showing.

I have the same probelm and is not giving me any explanation.

How long has the issue been happening for you?

4 days ago sinc i make the new update of brave broswer

@Imigralboz @CryptoHill,
Are you still seeing Ads though? Further, are the Ad notifications still increasing?

Yes, ads are still showing and the number of ads viewed is also increasing.

Thank you for confirming.
This is likely a cosmetic issue – that is, you’re still earning but the actual UI isn’t displaying the text. Let me see if we have an open issue for this and I’ll get back to you.

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Great, thanks for the help!

Looks like this is already known and should be resolved in v1.16.1:

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Thanks for confirming :+1:t2:

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