Pending rewards is lower than this month's earnings from ads

My “pending rewards” (1.905BAT) and “earnings from ads” (3.75BAT) for April 2021 do not match (pending rewards reset to zero, earnings from ads still shows a larger # with no way to claim)

I’m using android OS with Brave 1.22.7q

My android Brave app does not have enough BAT to verify.

I have received payments for ads to my brave wallet in the past

I am not using a vpn

I am in the USA

My device passws safety net check

Auto contribute is turned ofd

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I think this is a problem or it’s a feature on purpose by Brave. I don’t know.

Man, that really sucks. Is there even a method of contacting them?

I feel so gaslighted right now :’(

It literally just happened again

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