Pending rewards disappeared after and update of brave on android

Description of the issue:
It’s been a while since the last time I claimed my rewards and I had around 39,5 BAT pending I tried a few times to claim it but it didn’t work, instead I got a message about “Brave server being overload and that it would be fixed quickly”,

  • I decided to wait a day before trying again, and when I tried again today it didn’t work so I thought the problem could be from my side,
  • I checked to see if I could update the app, I could, so I updated it,
  • I tried again to claim it, then I got an new error message,
  • Now I don’t see the 39,5 BAT anywhere and the claim button isn’t available anymore.

Sadly I don’t have any screenshot with the 39,5 BAT (didn’t think they would simply disappear), so I tried to add everything I found.

I didn’t have a wallet connected yet because I didn’t had enough BAT before and I indented to connect it today.

Brave Version:

Android/iOS Model:
Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F), Android 8.0.0

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