Pending rewards decreased automatically and ads counts came to zero

Sir it has done thrice that my my pending bats decreased and the ads count became zero and this time i have proof . So please resolve this issue and issue lost bats back.

I dont think this is not an ISSUE as resets to 0 on the 30th of every month for a new start for the next month.
It shows you 0 because it reset for the current month, and you’ve already received 3 ADS after it reset.

Pls look at the screen shots from it decreased 3 ads to 0 today not the 30 th of the month pls see carefully and then give the answer and pending bats also decreased and don’t say that i had claimed that bats i have not claimed that bats which are decreased

It reset to 0 from 3 understand the statement first and check out the time in the screen shot

And it has done thrice in this month

You should have mentioned all that info in the first place, you literally put half of the info to begin with but anyway Steeven can help you.

Can u please tag any moderator or community admin so he/she can solve this issue

@steeven pls help me out my bats are reduced in pending rewards and ads came to zero and from today i didn’t get any ads pls do help

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