Pending Payouts and not full amount received


Why is my Payout pending, I received 40 BAT but my balance only shows 34.91 Bats and I get the following information " Payout In Progress ?

@darkthorn It means payout is in progress and would be sent out on the 8th of this month using Pacific standard time (Brave company timezone). As for the incomplete amount, here is a possible reason:

This can occur when a user sends a tip but closes their browser too quickly, halting the tipping process before it can complete. After a period of time, the remaining undelivered portion of the tip should be returned to the sender’s wallet and be reflected in the wallet balance accordingly. Given our privacy protocol for tips, there is not much we can do at the moment apart from wait and see.

Hmm it was not the case, but this is making me loosing my interest in BAT plus there are no ads to my country :frowning:

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