Pending Payout Disappearing Act

Well I had 2.5 BAT pending payout for August 7th on desktop with an additional 2.3 BAT for next payout. I waited a few days before writing this just in case it fixed itself, or was late. Unfortunately Aug 7th pending payout has just disappeared and I’m afraid the same will happen to next payout. I also increased ads to the max of 10, so I’m guessing my new rewards should be around 5-7 BAT now? Well that’s for another thread. Also for another thread, but real quick this exact problem is also happening on my android version… I 100% appreciate and really respect/ commend Brave team for responding to all of our situations and not only do they respond, but 9/10 times they fix it by just giving us BAT. Usually a little extra too. I can’t express my gratitude and how fucking awesome you guys are for taking responsibility like that. It seems like you guys don’t get enough praise for your team’s accountability. You guys honestly don’t even have to and could careless, but your corporate actions speak louder than words and I think with all the alleged shadiness going on there’s still room to sit out in the sun and tan. I don’t know what that means, but I’m saying there may be bad actors, but it seems like the majority of Brave has the individual in mind and I’m okay with that. For all the companies that are hooking our nips and tips up to the extraction farming machines. A company that doesn’t immediately separate us and throw us in a sensory deprivation machine until we lose all individuality is a warm welcome. I say they can keep the cattle prods. Here Ye Here Ye Lmao… Kinda lost it at the end, but it’s overall a compliment keep it up guys.

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August payouts are still processing.

Yes, as Rosiecar said the payouts are still processing.
Watch the progress over here: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

And regarding the “10 Ads per hour” thing, it won’t make a difference if you live outside US.
It basically means that you will get around 0 to 10 ads per hour and if your country has less advertisers, then you won’t get any extra ads.

I myself get round 2-3 ads per hour even if I have that Feature turned on and I live in India.

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Patience will not be the problem of the dozens of people who come to the forum to ask questions and complaints about the disappearance of BATs from their wallets: the problem is that people don’t understand how the system works. If moderators would say that it can take up to 10/15/20 days to process BAT transfers - even from a synced device where the first one has already been processed, people will wait without a problem. People just need to understand how the system works and that is not happening here. And if there really are BATs “disappearing”, BRAVE has to face up to a possible problem and explain what is going on. It’s simple: if people understand what is going on they just might have more patience.

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@RFMC @Native702 payments are still processing as noted above. If you still have an outstanding issue once payments have completed, we can investigate then!


Oh my bad. Sounds good.

Earnings from the second (synced) device arrived in the Uphold account 48 hours after the earnings from the first device:
0- Golden Rule: without any doubt, users should consult the “Monthly Ads Payout Status Update” page, as payment processes can be extended for several days.
1- the scheduled day tab for the «BATs are coming in x days» is just the day when the assets disappear from the device and “go to” Brave Software International.
2- the scheduled day may or may not be the day of transfer of these funds to the Uphold account (if account is verified).
3- two synced devices can be processed on different days (in my case 48 hours apart)
4- if there is a real missing assets situation, Brave has shown willingness to resolve these situations - although one should request an explanation along with an eventual refund.

  • Please pass the word because there are dozens of people filing complaints ahead of time for sheer misinformation. Patience isn’t the key issue here - it’s information.

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