"Peek" or "quick view" really annoying


The way the main screen flashes from one tab to the other when you roll the mouse over the upper tabs is really annoying. This is difficult to avoid when switching from one tab to another. I feel that it is redundant as well as the subject of each tab is written on the tab itself. I guess there might be a few times where multiple tabs have the same title, but I have not had this problem much. It would be really nice if you could disable this feature. Otherwise I have been pretty pleased with this browser.


Do you mean disabling tab preview? That can be done by going to about:preferences#tabs and disabling “tab preview on hover” :wink:


Glad that you are otherwise pleased. Can you think back to the point where you started wondering if you could disable Tab Previews and recall where you started looking? We could add a context menu toggle for it.

We will improve the timing logic soon that will allow the feature to remain powerful but not annoying.


I remember also having trouble finding it when I started using Brave :sweat_smile:


I really should have been able to find that on my own. Sometimes things hide in plain sight. Thinking back I just went through the settings menu item by item. I do not know how I missed that one. I think the menu setup is ok. Even if you slow the “strobe effect” down I doubt if I will use the feature. As I said, it is a bit redundant.


I my self love it but I guess that it is why they have a toggle for it :wink:


I have the desktop set up like this. I am not using the menu bar. I was using Opera before, and this is a little more efficient, I think. Opera used to have a similar interface, but they changed the bookmarks interface. To me, the important thing on browsers is to have a minimum of clicks to do what you are trying to do. I have a few bookmarks with one click access on the upper left and a lot more with two click access.

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