Peacekeeper Never Ends


I really like Brave so far, therefore I am using it more and more and I am beginning to spend some more time testing it. In doing so I have run into a potential problem.

I was testing all my browsers: Brave 0.12.15, Firefox 50.1.0, Chrome 55, and Safari 10. One of the multiple tests that I used was Peacekeeper (“The Universal Browser Test”",

The other browsers all completed it…

2738 ; 7/7 2310 ; 7/7 3970 ; 5/7

but Brave stopped about a minute in with double spinning wheels…

It is important that Brave be able to complete such tests from a user’s perspective or at least have a good reason why it won’t. Thus this Topic asking for the reason it can’t complete the Peacekeeper Test and asking that it be fully vetted using every browser test out there and compared. The most important for me are the privacy and security tests.


Before running the test in Peacekeeper go into your Shields Panel and turn off Fingerprinting protection. The site works for me if I do that.


Thanks… that worked.

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