PDF's not refreshing / not working



I am really enjoying brave since switching but two things have really frustrated me. First, many PDFs I find through scholar.google.com will not work in Brave, but work in other browsers and work if downloaded. The reader says they are corrupt.

Second, and probably easier to fix, Brave seems to aggressively cache files and will not obey their expiration. My own linode serves all pdfs as already expired so they will refresh when refreshed. Chrome, IE, Firefox all respect this, but Brave will always show me the old version when I update them and my only workaround seems to be globally clearing the cache. This is frustrating as they are automatically updated frequently so Brave is just not working for me for some important uses.

When I land on a PDF and then explicitly hit refresh, esp when it is expired according to the server, it really should just refresh the file!

Any advice? Any chance of having this fixed? I am using version 0.22.727 on mint 18.


@quintusfabius, Thank you for reaching out to us. This issue has been reported and logged for our developers to look ove and address. If you’d like to see the logged issue or track its progress, you can find it here!


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