PDFs load only half of the time in Brave

Description of the issue:
My job involves opening hundreds of PDF files every day. My experience is that half of them won’t open in Brave, forcing me to copy the link and paste it in Safari (which never skips a beat). This has been a recurring problem for years now.

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I’ve read all the threads on this issue. They haven’t done anything for me. In page brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments, I’m set to option #2: Open PDFs in Brave.

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I’m on Mac OS Sonoma 14.0, running Brave 1.59.124. As previouly mentioned, the problem has been going for years.

Additional Information:
Please help or I will have to drop Brave - which I love - for Safari.

Is it possible for you to share some example links of PDFs that don’t open in Brave so that I can test on my end?

I’m sorry, I realize my previous message is incorrect.
I had problems with PDFs for a while but they went away a few months ago. All good now on the PDF front.
The problem subsists with .xls and .xlsx files. Here are a few files that don’t open or download in Brave but do in Safari.
Sorry about the mishap. I hope you can help anyway :slight_smile:

No worries.
So the reason you are seeing this is because Brave does not have a native spreadsheet viewer (unless you have a link handler set to open these links in a specific site, like Google Sheets for example, or use of an extension). Safari might, but Brave does not — instead, it will default to downloading the file locally.

You’ll see this same behavior in Chrome, Firefox and many other browsers.

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Thank you, this is very clear.

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